I would like to call myself as a lazy writer rather than SEO guy. With years of experience in the different genre of content writing, I’m not sure whether I can write about myself or not. So, how did I get the job of SEO specialist with the help of this 10-Day SEO Training in Nepal organised by Elance Digital Media?

Let’s start with my personal history. It will be easy for you to understand how I was back then, how I got into this things and how successfully I ended up being SEO expert. Regardless, this training works and I’m glad I became the part of it.

The Beginning

Well, it all started with the year 2013. I was pretty young and I had almost nothing to do. I was a gamer back then and has completed numerous games including FIFA and GTA. I played lots of game until I ended up damaging my laptop. With the sad ending, I somehow left gaming and began to wonder about life. Usually, I hate to stay idle and always keen on doing different things.

And one day, while I was surfing the internet, I saw a little advertisement about a writing job. Like, I stated above, I had almost nothing to do, so I thought of giving a try. I got a call from them and bam, I was hired. Well, the hiring process was pretty simple, I just had to write one sample article and I was good to go. Since the work was all related to celebrity and biography, I chose to write about Cristiano Ronaldo. And, that was the starting off where I’m today and probably my first commercial article.

Introduction to SEO

I got the job of writing and I was doing pretty good. The writing job was pretty simple, I just had to write about celebrity’s biographies and include some given keywords. Well, I wasn’t pretty sure, why I had to include that keyword until I heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Well, it wasn’t Google that introduced to SEO rather it was a paid internship. Like, I stated above, I hate to stay idle and love to do different things, again I thought of trying out and luckily I got it. It was 15 day’s paid internship where I got to learn the basic of SEO.

The internship was over, however, I built the strong connection with the tutor and got a chance to work with him. It was all about blogging, little SEO, and Adsense. We were doing pretty good, I was handling the writing part and my tutor was handling the SEO part. Sharing the SEO knowledge, I got to know more about SEO. But it wasn’t enough and we got hit by the Google HummingBird update. The dream of the online world got busted whereas I had no option rather find another alternative for a living.

I got the decent job which suited my academic degree and I was nowhere near to SEO again.

Turning Point

Well, I left the SEO long way back, but the writing never left me. Despite having a decent job, part-time writing became the so-called part of life. And I’m pretty glad that I never left writing and that’s the reason I got back to SEO and here I’m sharing my experience with you all.

So, what was the turning point? Well, the alternative decent job carried away, I was no longer happy to be the part of my decent job. Well, people make mistakes and I’ve had made plenty myself. Not sure where life was heading, I again decided to turn back and thought of trying out SEO again.

Luckily, I got the job of SEO expert in one of the growing IT companies in Nepal. I was doing great, learning things and making my own way. During my tenure in the company, I somehow manage to bring two major projects. But again, life trembled and I was again back to nothing. Despite gaining things, company work environment turned dead. As I was a free bird, I soon realized that it was not the place for me to be in. So, I left it.

Elance Digital Media’s 10 Days SEO Training in Nepal

Well, I underwent all the above things in the year 2013 and 2014. So, what I was doing till 2017? Though I’m not good with educational scores, I somehow managed to clear my Master degree. Regarding the work, like always writing never left me and was into different phase & genre of writing. Well, it always remained as a part-time work, and I wasn’t sure what I’m looking for.

Life is hard and it doesn’t work the way we want. As an unsatisfied soul, it’s pretty hard to find the right life track. Disappointed with the hectic daily schedules and uncertain future, I was looking for some kind of miracle. As I was good with writing and SEO was a longtime friend, I give thought to start my own project.

I started with one, but no student can achieve great things without proper guidance or a good teacher. I thought I can do it by my own research and knowledge. But things were not easy and I couldn’t find the right way. I was a having a pretty bad time but life is great, I was looking for some kind of miracle. That’s when I got to know about Elance Digital Media’s 10 Days SEO Training in Nepal.

Well, being a writer and having a good knowledge of SEO, it wasn’t that hard to get a call from them. The orientation was nice and I was already having good vibes about the overall training. It was pretty hard to manage the schedule as I had the full-time job. But, then I decided to go through this phase no matter what. And at this moment, I’m glad that I did it.

So, what did I learn?

Well, I learn many things including the various subject of SEO. It was easy for me to catch up the things as every term was known and already heard. Well, I have been to SEO for a long time but I didn’t get a chance to go deeper. But with the help of this extensive training, I not gain the inside knowledge of SEO, but also learned many new techniques and methods.

Here are some of the topics that I learned from this 10-Day SEO Training in Nepal.

1. Learn the Essentials of SEO

Well, it was pretty easy to understand every term as I have a long history of SEO and Content writing. But, there are many loopholes that I didn’t know about such as crawling, indexing, retrieval, and many more.

Besides, there’s so much in on-page SEO and off-page SEO followed by White Hat methods and Grey Hat Methods. Likewise, I got the detailed idea about Micro-niche websites, how to find one and proper keyword research.

2. Setting-up a Blogspot Blog:

Now, this is what I was interested too. The website that converts and generates regular income. Well, I have already stated that I have my own website and my sole intention of the training was to promote or support my own website. But from the training what I learned was my website was vague and huge. It takes a lot of times to get rank and hence I went for my second blog Calorie Diet Plan.

Among several good things about training, the most important one was to create a blog or your own website to test and experiment. Since many of us do lack money and hesitate to spend on uncertain things, they came up with free blogspot website. I must say, this is a really cool strategy to show people that SEO is real and it works.

Besides, I learned about Search Volume, Cost per Click (CPC), competition in the market and how to select the good niche to work on.

3. Content Strategy:

Now, this is where I got lucky. Since I’m a writer, I got the opportunity to know some cool techniques which alternatively turns my article into high-quality articles. Well, using their techniques, I was able to create a nice article which would eventually get into google ranking in no time.

Additionally, their content strategy and techniques value added to my personal skills. Whereas, I got different content writing opportunity too. Most importantly, it supported to my interview and eventually, I ended up being an SEO expert.

4. Social Media Management:

Well, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was the only social platform that I knew about. But with their extensive training and to my surprise there’s more. I couldn’t believe, there’s so much into social media management and how we can turn it to promote business and fulfill other purposes.

5. Link Building

I had a misconception about link building. Like I told you, I’m a content writer and I was always more focused on high-quality content. I started my website long time back with zero backlinks. What I used to think that high-quality content is enough to drive insane traffic. But they proved me wrong and there was so much to learn from them.

The training showed me the power of backlink and what else I need? I was one step more closely to become SEO expert.

Well, if you don’t believe my words then check out their official and proven SEO guides. I wonder how they put it all together in 10 Days training program.

Offer of the Job

Well, with the training, I gather enough confidence to be an SEO expert. I set up my own blog, consistently in contact with them and was doing just fine.

Then, one day I got a call from Mr. Anish Sah (CEO & Founder at Elance Digital Media) and he was wondering if I was open to any kind of SEO job. Without further delay, I said yes. I was thinking that he was offering a job in his own company. I was delighted but what happened next was beyond my imagination.

He gave me a link to the job and I had to apply it. I was desperately looking for a job and what I got was recommendation? Well, I didn’t expect that. I was thinking something else and life again gave me a lemon to squeeze.

Well, I knew my capabilities and I wasn’t too sure that I could perform the task and whether I would get a call from them or not. I consulted with Anish Sah, my tutor and motivator, and he said just go for it, you can do it. Well, he believed in me and I was quite happy about it. So, I apply for the job and guess what? I got a call from them for the interview.

The Interview

Hmm, I got the call from them and I had to face the interview. Now, what would I say to them? I’m not an expert and I don’t have any proven records to speak out. The interview day was approaching near and I had no option rather face it.

Well, I’m not going to state all the conversation of the interview. The interview period was almost an hour. So, it’s a pretty lengthy interview. They asked me few questions, my history and the description of the job. All the above thing is my history, that’s what I told them. I was honest and didn’t falsify anything. Additionally, I told them about the 10 Day SEO training and the things that I learned from Elance Digital Media team.

I was confident enough with my words. I told them I was imperfect and I don’t have any proven records to be competitive candidates for the post. Till then they knew everything about me and they pretty much liked my confidence. The interview ended with “we will let you know further, I will tell you by the end of the week about your selection”.

The interview went well and I gave my best. I was just waiting for the end of the week. The day came and gone, I didn’t receive anything from them. I thought I couldn’t make it but deep inside I was pretty confident that I will receive something. Now, that’s the power of spirituality and never giving up confident. It was already 9 PM and I was all set to rest my lazy bones.

Suddenly, I got an email. Your right, it was from them.


Hmm, second stage? Now, what would be the second stage interview? I thought, it’s all about wages and joining date. But, I was wrong again.

The day came and I was a bit late. I already got a call from stating when I will be there. Well, I didn’t expect that, I wonder I did create some bad impression. I was pretty nervous but I didn’t let my confident down. After all, I was selected for the second stage and there’s not much to do. I already started believing that I got it, this is it. But again life or they surprised me.

They gave me half an hour and a website that I had to handle in near future. They want me to find out whatever I could at the given time. Well, that was pretty unexpected and honestly, I didn’t even think of that in my dreams.

With a cup of coffee, I sat in front of the interviewer and began to wonder where to start. Remember? I have already worked as an SEO expert back in 2013. So, I started doing my research and bam I was out of time. 30 minutes gone and I was still finding things. I said, I’m not finished, the next sentence from him really comfort me. He said “No one can find much in 30 Minutes, it was just a test to see you’re confident. Let’s discuss what you find there.”

Well, that was nice and pretty unexpected but I did it well. He was impressed with my findings and he was quite likely to take me in. Again the interview ended with “we will let you know”.

I was pretty much confident about the job and within a few days, I got a call from them and that’s it.

I got the job!!

At Last

So, with all the above phrases, what do you think? Did I just got lucky or the training actually works? I was the second batch of Elance Digital Media’s 10 Days SEO training in Nepal, and I believe I’m the first one to get a job from their training.

Well, that was my story. I’m all set to face to a new challenge. Above all, I chose SEO as my career. What about you?

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