Conflict Resolution Training Program

Learn and Teach Effective Strategies

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The Conflict Resolution Training program is  designed to teach professionals practical techniques for managing workplace conflict. The leadership strategies outlined in this seminar help professionals identify and teach effective conflict resolution skills that improve working relationships and foster collaboration. 

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training Course Description

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This Session covers:

1. Avoiding conflicts based on misunderstandings 12. Three common mistakes people make in conflict situations
2. Clarity of Purpose and Goal Setting 13. The proper approach to conflict resolution
3. The dangers of an ambiguous message 14. What are the principles of rational conflict resolution?
4. How to give a clear, specific message. 15. The rational approach to handle conflict and difficult people
5. How are you perceived at work 16. Correct use of body language in conflict situations
6. The correct and incorrect use of humor. 17. Proper voice-tone in conflict situations
7. How to define the exact meaning of your message. 18. Handle real life conflict situations
8. How to deal with a negative personality 19. Common conflict situations
9. Avoid making negative suggestions, keep them positive 20. The need for praise and appreciation
10. Four ways to approach conflict resolution situations 21. Positive reinforcement
11. Managing confrontational situations