Content Writing Training In Nepal

Discover the power of content in your next marketing campaign.

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The Certified Content Writing Training in Nepal (CCWT) is designed to help you master the essential writing skills and make your content worth to get google ranking, audiences and global recognition.

Content Writing is the next fast growing disciplines in Nepal as any of your article, blog post or website content is directly linked to Content Writing.

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Key Features of Content Writing Training Program

  • Makes you understand your target audience
  • Gives you the power of keyword research
  • Helps you Rank your article or blog post in Google
  • Start your own Freelance service
  • Know your competitors
  • Be globally recognized with Hub-spot Certification

Content Writing Training Course Description

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What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a form of online writing which is closely related to web marketing campaigns. Through Content Writing you can speak your mind and thought and reach the required audience.

It gives you the power to write in relation with SEO, so that your content will be relevant for search engines(Google) and your article gets a ranking too.

Who employs Content Writer?

  • Industries as Freelancers
  • Mass Media Industry
  • Journalism Industry
  • Website blogging
  • Business owners

Why Elance Digital Media for Content Writing Training in Nepal? 

With a vision to be the best digital marketing training institute in Nepal, Elance Academy A Product of Elance Digital Media Pvt Ltd is the first ever training institute to give efficient training in Content Writing. We aim at making our students/trainees efficient and confident with their writing power. As we say “Pen is Mightier than Sword”. So we train our students to take the world with their writing.

Career Opportunities After the Content Writing Training 

If you are a journalist or mass media person then definitely content writing training is the one thing you need to excel in your field. If you own a business then through content writing training you can reach a vast audience too. Even you can work as a Freelancer and let your articles and stories speak for you. Being a writer means you have the power of speaking without using your voice, so just use your power. We even provide Placement Opportunities for our trainees and we even offer internship and job to selected ones.

Content Writing Training Course Preview

Theoretical Phase

Phase 1

Understanding Content Writing

Phase 2
The power of Story Telling

You’ll get to learn about:
✓ Why does your business need a story?
✓ What do you need to tell a story?
✓ What does a good story look like?

Phase 3
Generating Content Ideas

✓ Why do you need a process to generate content ideas?
✓ Where do ideas come from?
✓ How do you generate ideas for content creation?

Phase 4
Planning a long-term Content Strategy

✓ Why is long-term Content planning important?
✓ How do you build a long-term content plan?
✓ What should a long-term content plan look like?

Phase 5
Building a Content creation framework

✓ Why does your business need a framework for creating content?
✓ How do you build a framework for creating content?
✓ What resources will you need to build a content creation framework?

Phase 6
Becoming an effective writer

✓ Why does effective writing matter?
✓ How can you attract and engage people with effective contents?
✓ How can you improve your writing?

Phase 7
Extending the value of your content through Repurposing

✓ Why is repurposing content important?
✓ How do you extend the value of your content?
✓ What does repurposing content look like?

Phase 8
How to effectively Promote Content

✓ Why is content promotion important?
✓ How do you excel at content promotion?
✓ What does content promotion look like?

Phase 9
Measuring and Analyzing your content

✓ Why is measuring and analyzing your content important?
✓ How do you collect & interpret data?
✓ What do you do with your data after you have collected it?

Phase 10
Developing a Growth Writing mentality

✓ What is growth writing?
✓ How can you develop a growth writing mindset?
✓ What are some growth writing pro tips?

Phase 11
Creating a Blog Post

✓ Why does blogging help grow your business?
✓ How do you create a successful blog?
✓ What does a successful blog post look like?

Phase 12
Creating Topic Clusters & Pilar Pages

✓ Why are topic clusters important?
✓ How do you create an effective topic cluster and pillar page ?
✓ What’s an example of a successful pillar page?

Practical Phase

Phase 1
Identifying Buyer’s persona and buyer’s Journey
Phase 2
Identify their Pain Points
Phase 3
Keyword Research using various tools like Ahrefs, Google keyword planner, SurveyMonkey etc
Phase 4
Set a content writing mission statement.
Phase 5
Categorize your content writing campaign
Phase 6
Create content calendar and strategize it for 1,2,3 or more months
Phase 7
Competition Research
Phase 8
Generating new content ideas
Phase 9
Content Writing (SEO friendly)
Phase 10
Content posting on WordPress or other platforms
Phase 11
Content Promotion
Phase 12
Lead collection and email/chat writing