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The education sector is a group of institutions (ministries of education, local educational authorities, teacher training institutions, schools, universities, etc.) whose purpose is to provide education to children and young people in the proper settings. Formal education is commonly divided into preschool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then college, university or apprenticeship. Right to education has been recognized by many governments all over the world and by the United Nations (UN).

Going further into the topic starting with preschools, it is the phase that properly shapes a child for their further studies and the betterment of their future as well. It is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. Terms like pre-primary, nursery school, daycare, preschool and pre-k can be used to refer to these categories. Kindergarten, however, is the bridge between preschool and primary school in the context of our country. Directly translated from German, kindergarten is Children’s Garden which is the connecting point for the two categories in the context of Nepal.

Digital marketing for Primary Schools

Similarly, Primary Schools (also called elementary schools by the Americans) is a school for children aged four to eleven years old. The programs in primary schools are customarily designed to provide fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and to establish a solid foundation of learning. It is the first stage of basic education which is taken as a major achievement by many people in foreign countries. In our country however, you go from Grade V to VI.

Secondary education is categorized into lower secondary and upper secondary; or as in the American system, middle school and high school. When we talk about education in Nepal, it is everything that constitutes within Grade VI to Grade XII. They usually follow on from primary schools and prepare for vocational or tertiary education. Attendance of students is ever-more compulsory in this phase. Grade-8’s DLE, Grade-10’s SEE (formerly known as SLC) and +2 (referred to as College in our country) come under this category. So if you study in Grade 11 or 12, and someone asks you “What School?”; don’t be embarrassed.

Digital marketing for colleges

Next we have colleges and universities, which is an educational institution which awards degrees for the tertiary education being part of a federal or collegiate university, an institution offering vocational education, or a secondary school. To talk in a simpler context, the colleges and universities that offer you Bachelor’s level and Master’s level courses, and further than that as well. Here, you freely choose the field you want to study in, take on some compulsory and a few optional subjects and attain a degree at the end of it all, that could be of good value to your further life i.e. to get a job!

It is something that most of us already know (and if you didn’t, now you do). Now, let us talk about why this business. Preschools are opening in every area of every town. Even in Nepal, the things you see the most are Momo-stops and then these Montessori-based preschools. Similarly, there are a huge number of Schools and +2 colleges competing to be the best providing students proper facilities and quality education. Same goes for Colleges; Bachelor’s and Masters are considered to be the most important phases of education and they might be among the very last for most of us, so they are extremely vital.

There is a two-part customer situation in this business, so it can be a little tough to marketise the education business. The two-part customers include the students and their guardians. We can all assume that the kids studying at school level are funded by their guardians, in most cases; their parents. Similarly for college level, they might be on their own but again helped by their guardians financially. It is a most likely scenario in the context of Nepal, that if you are studying up to bachelors’, the education is mostly funded by your guardians. So, it is a challenge to market your product in such a way that it attracts two different age groups to it.

Since, it is hard to sell the product because of the two-part customer situation. So, the right marketing is needed. So, what is the way to correctly market your product? We can directly say that it is Digital Marketing and get on with it. But first, let us say, why not the traditional way?

The traditional ways of marketing basically includes anything that doesn’t make it pop-up on the internet. Newspaper Ads, TV Commercials, Theatre-break Ads, etc. Let’s say you have an advertisement posted on one of the English daily newspapers. So, how many people have seen the advertisement? How many leads were generated via the ad? Even though we might be getting leads, do we know the scenario properly? It would be great for our further marketing investment if we could know what method generates how many leads.

Digital marketing for the educational sector

Lucky for you, Digital Marketing does that.

Digital marketing for the educational sector is extremely important and there are more than one reasons for this. First of all; we can reach more people through digital marketing. With proper digital marketing ideas for the educational sector, it is possible for us to reach more people. Unlike the traditional way, here we can identify the hard number of people who have reached our content. The numbers are not only hard, they are also higher as more people use the internet and social media within 24 hours rather than newspapers or TV usage. It also makes awareness on the right platform. Traditional marketing sells out the product in random locations at random locations disregarding the people’s interest and requirements. With digital marketing, the right people can be reached based on the product.

Digital marketing ideas for the educational sector also include providing a proper platform for engagement and communication. We have ads of our schools and colleges in the movie theaters. We don’t know how many people liked our content, how many were talking about it, how many would consider the organization for business, how many would forward it to the likely customers. We never know. But the thing with digital marketing is that it helps you identify a target audience and they can interact and engage with us via the digital platform through comments on social media posts or direct messages or emails. This can also help reduce the communication gap to a minimum which can also be beneficial to an organization.

And, again it helps to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. If we have identified a target age group of our audience, we can identify their interests and hobbies and accordingly make them aware of our organization and our services at the time which is best suited. For eg: Admission Open! Posts can be done at the start of a calendar year rather than around Dashain. So, digital marketing for the educational sector helps give the right content to the right people at the right time.

“What are the things we are required to do, if we choose to take up digital marketing?”

Below, we would like to discuss the most essential steps for digital marketing for the educational sector to help you choose the proper path to digital marketing:

1. Website


Having a website is a baby-step when it comes to digital marketing and also an absolute essential for every business these days. People don’t prefer looking at brochures printed on paper, they’d rather look at the information on the website or via a downloadable PDF. As the generations keep upgrading and it promises that we’d get more and more lazy, and we keep looking for lazier methods in everything, let alone marketing. Marketing is something that is always known to be adaptive of the people’s lifestyle, so having a proper website and a good educational sector marketing strategy is a basic requirement.

It also requires to engage people in it, so there needs to be a sheet linking the site to the back-end providing potential clients with newsletters, schemes and services provided at our school or college. The website also needs to have your basic good features like it needs to be eye-catching, have a consistent color combination with background and text and must be the kind that could get people to engage.

2. SEO


SEO and Websites are like a guitar and a string; one’s significance may be minimal without the other. First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which uses various strategies and efforts to get a certain business on the front page of a search engine; mostly Google. People have an undivided faith in whatever Google has to offer. If we are looking for the best of any business, the first thing we do is Google. We don’t look for articles on a paper and see what is on the front page, we check the front page of this global phenomenon of a search engine and that’s what we base our priorities on.

When it comes to education, people will trust what Google has to offer. Now what do we need to get our content first and foremost on this search engine when people are looking for the “best schools” or “best colleges”. There are multiple SEO tools that we can work with which emphasize hugely on keywords, writing blogs and articles and using various strategies to attain the goal; which is getting our content on the front page of Google. For doing so, tweaks and changes need to be made in the website as well and accordingly, it may affect the textual contents on the social media profile. So, SEO is extremely essential for digital marketing for the educational sector.

2. SMM


Social Media activeness shows the ability of an organization to gel with the changing technology. We are currently living in the digital age, where people like to post their pictures, tweet their thoughts and upload their songs on various social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and even, YouTube can be taken as a part of social media. So, in general, everybody uses social media these days, one way or another. Therefore, social media marketing for the educational sector is accordingly vital for your organization.

Social media is what helps us identify our potential clients. People engage in various posts on social media, they enlist their interests and hobbies in the “About Me” sections and update status and pictures based on their current situations. Based on all these activities, a genuine digital marketing plan for the education sector can help us advertise our products subtly to the potential clients we have chosen based on their activities, age groups, interests, etc.

social media marketing for the educational sector can be used to benefit us turning potential clients into successful clients, but it can also help us to keep hold of the current clients as well helping reduce communication gaps as people would generally prefer social media DMs for communication rather than Emails. For those of you who confused, DM stands for Direct Messages.

3. Multimedia


Without a good touch of multimedia, it might be nearly impossible for us to keep other steps of digital marketing intact. They include the graphic contents, domestic photos and videos, advertisement banners, informative graphics, brochure designs, video adverts, etc. People are known to believe in the real videos, especially when it comes to education. The video adverts define our work, so at best it should be authentic. Having a proper digital marketing plan for the educational sector also includes keeping the multimedia content flowing.

If we are showcasing the work or activities performed within the organization, it is best suited that the content be authentic. When it is more informative and about seeking attractions, it can be animated or artificial in a way. Also, it is important that the content defines the organisation with a certain color combination and the logo to keep people informed about the seller of the product.

We think it is now self explanatory that we need digital marketing for the educational sector, so what’s the next step? Well, the next step is digital marketing itself, and we are open for your service. Elance Digital Media is the best digital marketing agency in Nepal that will provide you with proper time, resources and effort to get your school or college at the top of the pile on Search Engines or Social Media.

For those of you who want to do this but by yourself, we have a wing for teaching. Elance Academy provides authentic digital marketing courses that are certified by Google, Hubspot, and Elance which will teach you everything you need in digital marketing.

If you provide quality education and quality facility, let us make sure that you reach more and more people everyday.

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