Digital Marketing for Hotels

A hotel (keeping it short yet a little complicated) is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short term basis. To put it even more simply, a place that provides lodging, food and alike services for paying guests is a hotel. So, we all have a general sense of what a hotel is. (as if we didn’t before reading this)

Moving on from it, a hotel provides facilities ranging on prices based on the quality of the rooms and services. The cheapest option could be with a low-quality mattress on a bed with a light, and nothing better to do than stare at the wall. The highest ranges could provide fine bedding, Television, Mini Fridges, Serene Views and many other features to keep us occupied. Hotels vary in size, function, complexity and cost and are also classified on those basis.

Hotel industry is fast growing with people looking for easy bed and breakfast facilities at every corner. People are known to look for hotels mostly when they are traveling but sometimes it may be because of business, not pleasure. A hotel should provide the services that they are expected by the customers based on the prices they have paid for the rooms and services, and also provide them a friendly environment, such that if they intend to come back around, they’d consider us. (otherwise, this business doesn’t lack customers).

Like discussed earlier, there could be two reasons why people would look for a hotel (in a general sense); business or pleasure. Even though people could be looking for hotels when they are out for business (meetings, seminars, etc.), Hotels are more complementary to pleasure. (i.e. Travel and Tourism)

Digital Marketing for Hotels

Now, we all have traveled one time or another, domestically or internationally. Being a Nepali or a South Asian (to put it in better context), I’ve learnt that as long as we have a relative living in a place we go as tourists, we don’t need a hotel. Jokes aside, Nepal is one of those countries that attracts tourists everyday. The business of tours and travels is always on an uphill climb, and accordingly; so are hotels. Tourists travelling to our country require facility of lodging and fooding, for which we can even collaborate with tours and travels and share the commission accordingly. Everyday a tourist is checking out, then another is checking in; so that’s a positive way of looking at it. Based on the huge number of tourists that travel to Nepal for the purposes of travelling, there is a very less possibility of hotels going out of business. As long as we can bring in tourists, provide them excellent services, a homely environment and delicious food, we can keep up in any climate.

What were the two reasons people travel from one place to another that makes them require services of a hotel? Business and Pleasure. Bingo! And we can be absolutely certain that these two things never grow out of trend. Especially in the context of Nepal; the places that we have in our country, tourists are welcomed at every season. For summer or for winter, we have places like Kalinchowk (of Dolakha), Pokhara, Nagarkot, Poon Hills, Mustang, Mardi Himal, Jiri, Chitwan, Lumbini, Ilam, etc. So, it is certain that the business of hotels for Pleasure will never go out of style. Similarly, for the lesser number of people travelling for business purposes may also travel at any month in the calendar. So, to sum up; hotel industries can never go out of fashion.

For a hotel to be the absolute best hotel, there are multiple essential factors. First and foremost comes the service because people have got other choices. So, in order to gain competitive advantage, a hotel’s room services, housekeepings, fooding lodging should all be of the highest possible standard. Similarly, it is also important that there is a friendly environment for all the customers, so that the people don’t feel hesitant to share their requirements. Because in the end, what matters the most is the service. The quality of the products in the rooms are also essential to be of the best quality, sanitary and enticing.

The thing we require other than this is Digital Marketing, but more on that below.

We are living in the modern age of Technology. From having to rotate the antennas on the roof to get proper TV signal to having a Netflix Watch party with your friends, we have come so far. And this is the age of Digital Marketing, and it could be an essential to every business existing currently. And for hotels, it is extremely important because of many reasons, first and foremost of which is Presence of Audience Online. People are always looking for Hotels when they travel for various purposes, do we really presume that these people just wander around the streets looking for hotels?

Not anymore.

People rather look it up online. So, since the presence of our potential customers is online; we also need to be.

Also, people want everything done with a tap or a click in this digital age. So, Digital Marketing for hotels is very essential. People don’t really prefer booking via phone calls because of major issues like the booking data entry being misspelled, date and time being misinterpreted, having no view of the room before using it, etc. We could go on and on with the reasons why this traditional way of booking hotels is outdated. But, we’d just like to say that it is essential to use online booking techniques.

Another plus point can be that it is easier to manage the reservations, rooms being used and vacant ones as well. Usage of software can make it easier to access the situation of the room rather than having the same records on books. We can also ensure that there is lesser problem of fraud; as in people fake booking or date confirmations, so it is more flexible from every perspective to use online booking for hotels.

Since, we’ve answered the  “Whys” of Digital Marketing, let’s talk about the “Hows”, all of which are very essential to gain proper digital marketing for hotels.

Fully Functional Modern Website

Perfect Website

First of all the most essential and the foremost step to Digital Marketing for Hotels is a fully functioning website. It is a basic requirement when making a digital marketing plan for the hotel industry because it could be the outlet the customers would use to figure out the services and rooms available, prices and even for booking their stays. A fully functioning website may include features i.e. attractive design, user friendly, reliable booking system, customer reviews and full of every other information that may be required when a user is accessing the website of our hotel. A fully functioning website needs to perform its tasks stated and it is more about the front end. It is an essential, simply because it is how people mostly make hotel reservations these days.

It is also necessary that the website is distinctive because every other hotel has a website these days, from the initial phases of digital marketing. Not every hotel may have a social media profile but a website is mandatory for everyone going digital, so our content and our style must be idiosyncratic.

Easy Online Booking and Tracking Portal

A fully functioning website is more for the user and having an easy online booking and tracking portal may benefit both the parties on either side of the digital marketing. Since customers are always the first priority, let’s talk about how it can benefit them. With Easy Online Booking and Tracking Portal, people can enter the data themselves, giving it an almost zero chance of the data being mistaken by a third party. It is easier for them to understand the pricing properly as well. Similarly, for the management, it can be easier to figure out the personal who has made a booking. As there is clear information, it is certain to fill the void of communication gap.

Online Booking
The chances of bluff-booking is minimized because of the secureness in the systems with tracking the personal based on the entries they make and thoroughly checking on those entries. It also becomes easier for the customers to not live in a world of FCFS. (First Come First Serve) rather, making it important for the customer to access the online booking system than being unforeseen.


Stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is the process of getting your business to the top when the people are looking for say “The best hotels in my location” or “the best bed and breakfast nearby” or “top hotels in abc destination”, etc. People are known to ask Google for the smallest of issues to the big problems as well; Hotels may come somewhere in the middle. But since website access is more important; with a proper hotel marketing strategy, you can escalate your content as per Google. (people don’t really use Bing or Yahoo! anymore)

Digital Marketing for Hotels

It may sound easy but it is a lot more difficult than it seems. It is essential to figure out the keywords that people use when it comes to looking for hotels; and how we can manipulate that keyword in order to get our website atop. But it is essential and it does feel good when “best nearby hotels” is searched and you’re amongst the top contenders.


If you like to travel and frequently stay at hotels but you don’t know what social media is, then you might be a hippie from the 70s. All jokes aside, people have the general sense of social media. It is essential that there is proper social media marketing for hotels in order to gather more customers to our services. People can be notified about the rooms and services with informative graphics and similar post captions. It can also be a great platform for the customer to interact with the management, so the communication gaps can be reduced.

As newspapers and other ways of advertisements are outdated, people prefer ads on social media. (as long as the content is right for them) And if they are interested, a sign-up sheet can be provided to the customers to book rooms via their social profile. People are known to be lazier than ever these days, so instead of them having to look at the newspaper and reciting the number or website on their phone for further access, people prefer when they don’t need to do much of the active work. So, social media marketing for hotels is also essential in the digital age.

Content Creativity

The content that we provide in our website or social profile should be a) informative and b) creative. Following proper digital marketing ideas for hotel business, the content that we deliver in various platforms need to be marketable. It may include attractive social media posts, organizing comment contests (an engagement strategy), blog posts, etc. A proper digital marketing plan for the hotel industry is essential to keep the interesting content coming.

Multimedia (Real Photos and Videos)

After we have proper digital marketing ideas for hotel business, it is essential to get the idea of the multimedia content. People are pulled today by real content rather than the content that focuses on making the product seem of an imaginable standard. So, it is essential that the photos and videos we publicise are real, showing the hotel’s actual rooms, the ambience of the place, customer interactions and a total experience. Digital Marketing for Hotels is essential, and having genuine digital marketing ideas for hotel business & real multimedia content also fall within this category.


Lastly, we have answered “Why” and “How”, now let’s talk about your “wheres”. Now,  there are many choices for you if you want to initiate digital marketing for your hotel but Elance Digital Media is the best digital marketing agency in Nepal because we are here to tell you that Digital Marketing is a few steps above traditional marketing as  there are changes to the way people spend their day to day; comparing the 90s to today, mostly due to advancement in technology which includes digital marketing. And we can help you attain the best possible position with time.

If you’d rather do these activities by yourself, there is Elance Academy, a wing of Elance Digital Media where you can learn Certified Digital Marketing Courses for SMM and SEO; certified by Google, Hubspot and Elance itself.

Digital Marketing for Hotels is close to mandatory as people prefer going through social media sites and Google rather than figuring hotels out spontaneously or via your conventional methods (telephones). It is vital that a Hotel has a well performing website, attractive pictures in the social media page informing about the rooms and services available, proper booking system and real multimedia content in order to connect to more people everyday.

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