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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants and Lounges are the types of businesses that never go out of date.!

Fruits and veggies may be seasonal but restaurants last forever.

Granted there are changes to the items that gather the most customers, but restaurant business lasts forever (unless there is a pandemic like Covid-19).

Restaurants and Lounges are mostly known for good food, comfortable seating arrangements and proper ambiance.

All these qualities can be based around the types of customers we are gathering to our business, which are co-related to each other.

Let us assume that you have opened a restaurant in town.

But it isn’t doing as well as you’ve hoped.

You invested all the time, money and effort that you could but something is wrong; the food is good, the ambiance is proper but you can’t seem to find customers of a proper category that well fits the restaurant you’ve opened.

Or you are still lacking in staff, not enough cooks, or bartenders, or baristas; it is because people are yet to be informed about this new hippie-dippie restaurant that has opened nearby and is looking to employ a few cooks and bartenders.

That is something that can be easily done with digital marketing.

Similarly, Let us assume that your restaurant serves the best food in town; it has very comfortable seats to comfort the guests; the waiters, bartenders, and baristas provide a homely environment and the ambiance keeps the good mood alive.

But Why Stop There?

Your business is booming but it can boom a lot more actually, and that would be with the help of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants is pretty common these days, most of the restaurants are getting publicity due to proper restaurant digital marketing.

If there are people that are yet to be informed about your restaurant and could be potential customers, you would want them to know about your business today rather than tomorrow.

And you’d want this to create a ripple effect to boom your business as soon as possible.

As a member of the nation’s youth, let us tell you how it generally works.

We see a certain food on Instagram or Facebook, or any other social media platform randomly; that’s when we realize we could use some good food and a good time.

Then we check out the place and recommend it to others.

Normally, the people of this generation don’t walk around in search of a good restaurant, rather look them up on Google, the most reliable source of information to Generation Z.

Rather than asking people what are the good restaurants around town for us, we google stuff like “Best Restaurants Near Me”, “Best Coffee Places in Kathmandu”, etc.

Since the world is becoming more and more digital every day with advancements in technologies, people must be well aware that their business needs digital marketing without us having to convince them.

Our ways of living have changed so the way of marketing has also changed accordingly.

Very few times do we see hoarding boards of a restaurant away from its location, or a salesman knocking on your door telling you about this place that serves the best hamburgers, or the best momos, or the best lattes, or the finest cocktails, or the best-brewed beer.

But how often do you come across a sponsored ad of one of these while browsing through your news feeds and stories?

Very frequently, right?

That is the magic of Digital Marketing…!!

Assuming that you read the whole thing above and that is how you’ve come to realize that your restaurant needs digital marketing (or even if you skipped to the part that COULD BE USEFUL rather than the jibber-jabber above), let us tell you some of the best digital marketing ideas for restaurants.

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Food Photoshoot

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, and that should clear things up a little bit about the topic that we are going for here.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants is essential these days as the way we figure out new restaurants and lounges is via Instagram or Facebook.

We see the sponsored ads of the restaurants and we think to ourselves, “if the place is as good as the presentation on social media”, that is how we get the idea to try out a new restaurant.

An average citizen spends an unhealthy amount of hours on social media these days.

And the youth today are known to go to new places and click pictures of the food presentation or the ambiance of the place, post it on various social media platforms and try to let people know about these places and accordingly it creates a ripple effect.

Now, let us assume that one person sees that 3 out of a 100 people he has followed have tried out your restaurant.

He posted a picture on their private social media account.

They happen to come through a sponsored ad of your restaurant as well and “Come to think of it, maybe I should try this place out.”

Before you know it, people will need to book reservations for themselves to try out your restaurant.

It might be a very long-shot, but without proper social media marketing for Restaurants, it is not possible in the slightest.

2. Multimedia (HD Real Videos/Photos)

Digital Marketing for Restaurants is the next big step into the future for all the eateries in the world, and the way we attract more customers is different forms of multimedia.

Two forms of multimedia we can use can be categorized into two: Real or Dummy.

No matter how good the animated and dummy contents are, if the real content is more focused, then the people are attracted.

Video Shoots for ads, Photos of the food prepared, Stills of the Ambience, etc. are some things we can start with.

Example of Real Photos of the restaurant, food & ambience we can use on Social Media

People are more into authenticity and realistic content as Reality wins over Dummy content.

When we do digital marketing of sorts on social media or any other digital platform or YouTube Ads (to be precise), people want more real content, authentic content of your restaurants with its actual ambiance, the food you serve, the people who serve the food, etc.

Video we made for one of our restaurant client – Lhakpa’s Chulo.

Rather than a random content made by combining clips from different videos off the internet.

As much engaging and funny the animated contents can be, they are not authentic.

So, the best way to handle all the multimedia and graphic contents is to deliver the pictures of the place and people and food that are actually involved in the restaurant.

With a proper digital marketing strategy for restaurants; social media, YouTube Ads and Websites should focus on real, authentic content rather than dummy and animated stuff.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s a casual Friday, a TGIF!

The situation at work.

You need to find a good restaurant to go to with your work friends to talk about how hectic the work is, or your friends outside of work to ask them what they’ve been up to. The place to go isn’t certain.

What do you do?

–> You Google “Best Restaurants near me”.

It’s Thursday evening, it is your date night (singles, look away!) but you can’t figure out the place to go.

What do you do?

–> You Google “The best coffee places in Kathmandu”.

Saturday night, you wanna go out with your family, can’t figure out the place to go.

Again, What do you do?

–> You Google “The best Family Restaurants in town”.

Since, we ask Google every time for the slightest confusions we have, we need to make sure that our business comes atop, we need SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It can help you make sure that with a proper digital marketing plan for restaurants, your restaurant comes as a recommendation when these Google Searches are done.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants is vital; SEO might just be the most essential among them.

As a new restaurant, it is very essential that you show up when the locals in your area are looking for restaurants.

The backbone of SEO is the on-page optimization of your website. Including the relevant search terms plus city in the title, description, title and page content will help you raise visibility on search engines.

It also helps if every other product and service you provide at your restaurant has a different page and discussions about it to boost your website on these search engines.

That must’ve been enough to convince you that your restaurant is in need for digital marketing. We hope that the content was of some help.

We’d like to inform you that there are more than enough places within the city that provide Digital Marketing for Restaurants, but Elance Digital Media is the best digital marketing agency in Nepal and if you’ve got the patience for it.

We are willing to put in the efforts (with the capital, of course!) we will deliver you results in a certain amount of time which is best undefined at first, for the sake of our relationship with our current and potential clients.

If you’d rather do these activities by yourself, there is Elance Academy, a wing of EDM (not Electronic Dance Music) where you can learn Certified Digital Marketing Courses for SMM and SEO; certified by Google, Hubspot and Elance itself.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants is required and we are here to provide the right help for the betterment of your restaurant.

Because as they say, a product is only as good as it’s marketing strategy.

(No one actually says that but you will feel the change once you start doing Digital Marketing for your product)

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