Digital Marketing for Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism are two words that make much more sense when they come together. Travel is simply the process of making a journey of a specific length. And tourism (according to Google) is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest. Tourism is travelling for fun (incl. sightseeing, camping and such activities). But when we bring Travel and Tourism together; boom! It’s a business now! 

Jokes apart, Travel and Tourism business is not only something that is prospering in Nepal but many other tourist centered countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Switzerland, Indonesia, France, Spain, etc. Just like these countries, Nepal is known well for the wonderful tourist spots that we have in the country making our nation a top priority for multiple tourists from places all around the globe. Though Visit Nepal 2020 might be on hold due to the current pandemic due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Nepal is still one of the finest destinations for Travels and Tours, and therefore has a lot of Travel and Tour Companies looking to help you out in your journey to make it the best experience possible.

Travel and tourism industry is on an uphill climb with the advancement in technology. People figure out places to travel via the internet, travel and let their friends and followers know about the places they go to via social media. And this continues until the people have traveled (or at least known about) all these various gorgeous places around the world. So, the business that always booms can also be Travel and Tour Companies because weathers change and the places to travel change as well; but the travel never stops. “Hey, let’s travel to Goa this summer and enjoy the beaches.” “Why don’t we travel to Switzerland this winter and play in the snow?” “Barcelona seems like the place to be this spring, why don’t we too?” The one common thing in the above three lines is Travel! That is fascinating, isn’t it? So, they’ll need Travel and Tourism Agencies to help out on every occasion. So, Travel NEVER stops. (Unless you need to #StayHome)

Digital Marketing for Travel & Tourism

People like to travel. Some people might disagree with this but Extrovert or Introvert, everybody likes to travel. There might be a difference in the things people enjoy. For instance, an extroverted person might like to dance around the bus in a picnic while an introvert would enjoy; laying with a book or a pair of headphones. An extrovert might like to talk to people when they get to a destination and take a lot of pictures and stuff while an introvert would enjoy the view and be lost in themselves. Both ways to enjoy your travel are beautiful but the point is that “People like to travel.” And whatever be the destination or purpose, a travel agency is a must.

So, how many Travel Agencies are there in Nepal? In Kathmandu? In Thamel? Still No Idea? 

Don’t worry, we are not going to push stats; but at best we can say that there are a lot.

So, how do we stand out among the rest? In such an oligopoly market with so many agencies to serve the people? What can our organization do better that would make us the first travel agency to come in the minds of the general people or potential customers? Any guesses?

The answer is simple: Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Travel Agency is extremely important because people are figuring out their destinations via the internet. Not just the places they want to go to, but they are getting a whole different experience learning about the various modes of transportation they can use, various tourist spots they can try out, various cuisines they can enjoy, etc. People accordingly look for the best package-deals to try out on their vacations. It just makes more sense that they choose their travel agency via the same medium as well. It is the first and foremost reason why digital marketing is utmost needed in this sector of travel and tourism.

This is the age of Technology, so Digital Marketing is extremely vital for a business to grow. And Digital Marketing for Travel Agency, no less is extremely important because people are more reliant on the internet; now more than ever. With Digital Presence, Right Content and a proper digital marketing plan for travel agencies, it could make a difference in terms of being atop among the competitors. If you are providing some information to the people regarding travel plans via the internet and there is another travel company that is doing the same, but through the more traditional forms of marketing (such as TV ads, Newspaper Ads, etc), people will prefer the digital way because this is the modern age of technology; people make travel plans on phones, not on the newspaper.

Digital Marketing for Travel Agencies is as essential as Travel Destination for a Traveler. For marketing your travel agency in today’s generation might be a proper digital marketing plan for travel agencies. It is certain that when people travel, they post pictures on social media one day or the other. Or at least, they share them to their closest circle. And when they talk about the travels, it is certain that there will be the following question: “Did you go on a package-deal?” “Yes, I did via this Travel Agency I came across while surfing the internet.” Seems real to you? It could be “If You Go Digital!”

Now that you’ve been convinced that you need to go digital, let us talk about some of the ways you could go digital, Even though all of these techniques or steps might be essential to a business when it comes to digital marketing but application of any of them would be able to show you the difference. mainly let us talk in three categories:

1. SEO

Google just might be the most important when it comes to digital marketing for travel agencies. People are more reliant on Google than talking to people who travel for vacation ideas. “What is the best place to visit this fall?” “top places to go to in the summer” “top 10 destinations every traveler should try out” are such keywords you might spot on Google history of a person planning a trip. Knowing this much, we can see that digital marketing for travel agencies is extremely essential.

SEO for travel and tourism

Likewise people will do Google searches for the cuisines of a place, the modes of transportations available, tourist spots etc. and accordingly comes the Google Search for the travel agencies. If the Google Search is “Best Travel Agency in Nepal” and the link that shows up atop is your travel agency, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Granted it is not a one-night job and requires proper methods and techniques which is called SEO; which stands for Search Engine Optimization. With genuine digital marketing strategies for travel agencies and proper SEO Techniques, it is very likely that your agency will get good publicity in the digital world.

2. SMM

Before the age of technology and social media took over, people used to go around without any guidance from anyone. As hippie and cool as it might seem, it was difficult. If we are benefited today, we need to make the most of it; both as travelers and travel agencies. Now as travel agencies, it is essential to do proper social media marketing for travel agencies in order to keep the inflow of customers going on.

People are always looking for places to go to; various pages and people post stills of a certain place and there is always one person looking at those images and thinking “I would love to go here!” With proper social media marketing for travel agencies, it is possible to advertise our travel agency in the feed of these types of people. We are not spying on them via their front camera to read their faces, don’t worry. It is just based on the content they view, like and engage with on social media. People obviously engage in the content they are most interested in; providing social media competitions and lucky draws on Facebook for even the slightest discounts can raise a lot of heads and engage a lot of people from where we can learn that they are interested to sign up for it. And in the right way and right time, we can talk to them about the schemes and packages.

Social media is like food to this generation, if they aren’t fed with a time scrolling through the feed, tapping on stories; they don’t feel alright. And we can use that to our advantage. With proper digital marketing ideas for travel business, it is possible to marketize our agency, with the services and packages we have available and attract the right customers at the right time. It is important for a travel agency to have active social accounts with regular posts about the packages and schemes they provide. It can also be easier to interact with people via texts rather than phone calls.

3. Multimedia

Borrowing a few lines from above, it is easier to interact with people via texts rather than phone calls. The main reason for that? Multimedia! When people are doubtful about our services over the phone, there is no way we convince them by explaining the pictures with our voice, it is more convincing when they see it for themselves. And practically, it is also easier that way.

Proper digital marketing ideas for travel business also include proper multimedia, which first and foremost may include graphic content discussing the different packages and destinations that are provided by our travel agency. That is the most essential one, that we let the people know of the various packages and schemes we have for them in the form of banners or Facebook Posts or Stories or the likes. It might also be based around the audience we are trying to target for our agency; The age range of an Instagram user is from 18-24 and if we’re targeting older audience, we have good old Facebook.


Similarly, video ads are essential when it comes to travel agencies. Since we are to sell the fact that we make the travels more comfortable, real videos are almost mandatory. Properly shot videos promoting the organization rather than the destination can be something to start with. Even the most hectic jobs are posting ad shots of the actual organization with its actual employees, so being a travel agency, it is much easier to win the audience’s attention but let’s not take it for granted. Without the proper digital marketing ideas for travel business and genuine plans, it is not possible to win the trust of the people in the digital platform. Real videos and genuine content are winning trust all over the world.

Perhaps, the content above was enough to convince you that you need Digital Marketing in this age; the age of technology. Now you don’t need to constantly wonder how you can get the numbers up, how you can get more people to sign up for your packages and schemes, how you can increase your sales and boost your business. Digital Marketing will help you attract more travel freaks to your packages and drive them to your organization.

Now that you’ve known about digital marketing (and how it may benefit you), you don’t need to worry about the whens, the hows and the whereabouts. Elance Digital Media is the best digital marketing agency in Nepal because we are here to tell you that Digital Marketing has won over the traditional style. We promise to deliver results in the right amount of time and reach out to more and more people about the packages and schemes of your travel agency.

If you’d rather do these activities by yourself, there is Elance Academy, a wing of Elance Digital Media where you can learn Certified Digital Marketing Courses for SMM and SEO; certified by Google, Hubspot and Elance itself. So, let’s keep travelling and let’s keep the digital age alive as well.

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