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If you have gone through my previous post 8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic From Social Media to Your Blog” then you might have already figured it out that Facebook is the boss among other social media to drive immense traffic to your blog and get benefited in your business.

So, Basically here we are going to talk more about Facebook and Facebook marketing strategies that every companies should follow to get best result.

Facebook is a ocean of potential customers. You have nearly 1.15 billion people scrolling through their feeds every day. So it is important to know what type of customers do our business is searching for? Facebook have made it so easy that we can solely focus on the type of customers we need. We can target our audience according to the age group, gender, specific area. And for marketers this is what we need, isn’t it?

Now, let’s get into the real business.

Take these best facebook marketing strategies for 2018 on account to connect with your super fans and bring success to your business.

Actionable Facebook Marketing Strategies 2018

#1: Addressing Your Biggest Goal

Throwback to your company’s first meeting and to your CEO’s speech. This might help you remember the biggest goal of the company. On the course of facebook marketing, we will have to run ads on the page and the ads type will depend on what we are trying to achieve and depends on the type of the goal set up. Facebook shows the ads to those audiences who are following to related field. If not then the ads might end up on feeds of non-interested audience which only costs us dollars. So, It is very important to specify our goal while creating a Facebook page of the company.

Facebook’s new advertising scheme will certainly helps you to recommend ad formats based on your primary goal.

Facebook Marketing


#2: Target Specific Audience

Among 1.15 billions of Facebook users it is not necessary that every single user have interest in your brand. But Facebook knows how to find audiences that are potentially interested in your brand or those who are interested in similar products to yours and help you find the right niche.

Facebook has three primary audience types:

  • Saved Audiences
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences

Each of these option helps you provide additional option to target specific audiences that best suits to your business.

Saved Audiences

Saved Audiences are the audiences that you can define by choosing people’s interests location, age, gender, used devices, income level, etc. You can create Saved Audiences both in the campaign setup phase or in the Audience Manager.

Facebook Marketing2


Here Facebook allows you to target people based on the specific locations including

  • Country
  • State/Region
  • Continent
  • Designated Market Area (DMA)
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Specific Address Radius

It also allows you to target audiences by

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Language

This surely helps our ads to reach those audiences that our business wants. For example, you could target people of age 18-26 or you could just target females for your female product or  you might target people by their political views, life events, job titles, ethnicity, and other.

Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audiences are probably your most clear-cut target audiences as they allow to retarget past website visitors and people who have engaged with your content or app. Here you can create a custom audience based on your existing customer files. You can include 15 different parameters like Email, Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, etc.


There are multiple ways to create a Custom Audience,

  • Based on Website Traffic

This option allows you to add people who have engaged with your website. These are special individual who follows you and have already shown interest in your product.

Note: To be able to create audiences based on your website traffic, you first need to install Facebook Pixel.

  • Based on App Activity

This option helps you to reach out to those who have engaged with your Android or IOS app. To use this feature you first need to register your app and set up app events.

  • Based on Engagement

You might also know that you can target those users who have engaged with your content on Facebook; liked your post or shared your post or viewed your videos, sent messages to your page and saved your page or posts.

Facebook Lookalike Audience

Lookalike word itself describes the meaning. It means those things which have similar characteristics. So Lookalike Audiences means those people who are similar to your  best existing customer database.

Why lookalike audiences?

Because, they have similar interest and might become your super fans.


When you create a lookalike Audience, you select a source audience( your existing audience file created with your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your page) and Facebook search and find the common qualities of the people in it and search for people with similar qualities i.e lookalike.

Here you can also choose the size of a Lookalike Audience. Smaller audiences gives you closely matches and larger audiences increase probability of greater reach but decreases the chance of lookalike audience.

#3: Go Crazy with the Images

A recent Hubspot study discovered that using photos on Facebook generates 53% more Likes than text-only updates. This implies today’s social media doesn’t give a damn to the ‘text-only’ posts. People are attracted more by the audio visual contents. If you don’t keep up with this strategy, then 2018 will be rough year for your company.

So, how to play with images?

Here you go,

Before you start posting hell lot of images on your page first go through our pro tip.

Pro tips: Obey the 80/20 rule. When posting on facebook page, 80% of time you should focus on your business and 20% of time you can go off the track and try to mix up ideas to keep audiences involved and entertained.

Great pictures of your product

Got a fashionable clothing, cool shades, mouth-watering foods, gorgeous decor, glittering kitchenwares and more? Hire a professional photographer and pull out best images that suits your business, give it a nice retouch and post it all over Facebook with best caption and link to your website. Then watch your post getting thumbs up and be ready to get connected to you audiences.












Photos of your results

Maybe you have a room decor business or you have a physical fitness centre, get photos of before and after your hands on it and showcase your awesome work. This will surely lure your potential customers towards you.

Facebook marketing8

Photos of Your Team

Now it’s time to bring business to life. Show your human side to your audiences, show them how much you care about your staffs, show them that you don’t only take from customers but also give something to the community. Post images of your team showing gratitudes toward them, post images of your contribution to the community. Make them believe that you are not just a business but also a economist. This is how you target the soft side of your audiences.

Fun Photos and Picture Quotes

Above you learnt to promote your business and now you will learn how to keep your audiences involved and entertained.

We can find millions of fun photos over internet, select one and post it in your page and see the reactions of your audiences.

Meme are trending all over the media nowadays so you have to follow the trend. Make some funny meme and post it. People will manage their time to watch and laugh over those meme.

Picture quotes are easy to create. Just download a simple image and put a great quotes on it and share it on facebook. It won’t increase your profit but it will certainly make your Facebook page active. Now and then your followers will get to see new posts from your page.

#4: Use of Videos

Good videos are hard to make but it is very much worth to invest in it. Videos are in high demand and according to Sproutsocial 43% of users prefer more videos from the marketers, however only 15% of videos are watched with sound. Keep in mind that your video must contain captions. Make a creative video of your brand with interesting foreground image which compel the viewers to click your video and make it short that no one will find it boring.

Facebook Live is also being a definite source of viewers. It drives 3X engagement on Facebook than normal videos. So it is a must because it is trending and driving more audiences.

Facebook Stories is a new add on by Facebook in which we can post collection of photos or short video. It can be viewed two times and it disappear itself after 24 hour. Get Trendy!

Get new Followers!

#5: Carousel ads

According to Facebook, The carousel format allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link.

Isn’t it cool?

That is why we love Facebook. Right?

With more showcase you can highlights different products with different links on a single ad.

Or, you can describe a short story and specific details of the product in each carousel card.


#6: Hashtags

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts or Page. Hashtag can help you find what people are discussing in connection with your brand or business or products. Using hashtag with the matching keyword make your content easily found by the interested audience. One can find your post easily means you have made a easy route for your audiences to get connected with your brand. You already have your own interested customers plus hashtags will help you find past your own customers.

More the connections, more the probability of super fans.

Super fans means loyal customers.

And loyal customers brings you success.

Easy Peasy!

#7: Best time to post in Facebook

Which is the best time to post in Facebook?

When the users you want to see your content are online.

That’s an easy answer. But not the answer we want.

Our aim is big and we are targeting large audience and we need to know at what time those large audience get involved with our content.

So, what is the best time? That depends on the audience we target (who they are and where they’re located). But while there is no perfect time to post, there are resources that can help you find the optimal times. Below are some findings that our marketing team have found through intense research.

The best time to post on Facebook according to Coschedule is 1–4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends.

  1. Saturday and Sunday at 12–1 p.m.
  2. Thursday and Friday at 1–4 p.m.
  3. Wednesday at 3pm

When to post on Facebook in general to increase your shares and clickthroughs:

  1. 1 p.m.
  2. 3 p.m.
  3. 9 a.m.

Quick Sprout: The best days of the week to publish to Facebook are any day during the workweek, with engagement being the highest on Thursday and Friday. Engagement is about 3.5% lower on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

According to Neil Patel, early afternoon is the optimal time to post on Facebook. 1 p.m. will get you the most shares, while 3 p.m. will get you the most clicks. Anytime between 9 a.m.–7 p.m. will always be better than content shared outside of that period.

Kissmetrics: The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday, and shares tend to upturn around noon and a little after 7 p.m. The best time to post on Facebook is noon.

Fast Company: The best times to share on Facebook are 1–4 p.m., and the peak time is Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Overall, Fast Company says that the worst time to post is after 8 p.m. on weekends.

These researches shows that there is not an absolute time to post and are done in different place of the world so it is not necessary that it will work on your location but we can take these as references and should perform experiments on our own.

Tips: Instead of focusing on best time, try posting different times of a day and weeks, collect and analyze the responses to see which time generates the most engagement for your particular post. Best idea to follow is to keep posting consistently.

#8: Be Responsive to Audience

Facebook is built as network to converse, discuss and share content. As a brand you can’t forget the basic idea of social media. That means you should always keep in mind that conversation and engagement is must to attract loyal audiences

Try to help and become community to your audiences. They are also human and you must treat them like a human.

Imagine this: You haven’t talked to your friend in a while, so you call her up and when she answers the phone you say, “Hi ! How are you?” But instead your friend hang up the phone without a word. How would you feel? That would be odd, right?

Same applies in the Facebook marketing, here you post all your stuffs and your audiences tries to reach you regarding your products, and you don’t even reply to them, then they might feel the same and hence you may be losing some of your super fans.

Don’t let that happen so spend your quality time responding to your audiences. Treat them as your good friend. Help them in need and in return they will help you grow your brand and business.

You have large audience groups? Can’t respond to each manually? Simmer down!

Facebook provides you an option of automatic reply to your messages. You have to enable the Response Assistant under settings of the page and setup message that you want to send. Then if anyone send message to your page then an automatic instant message is first sent.

And there are also chatbots, an interactive agents, which conducts a conversation via textual or auditory method. It simulate human conversation and respond to questions and other messages. No single user will ever miss your reply.

Isn’t that cool?

Here are some of famous facebook messenger chat bots:

  • Niki.ai
  • HealthTap
  • Poncho
  • CNN
  • MemeGenerator Bot

Track your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Last but not least, a facebook marketing strategy must be analyzed. No strategy in the world are perfect, it is dynamic and it should be updated with the time. If you want to improve your strategy for 2018 it takes helpful insights from Facebook analytics tools that we have already mention in our previous blog. Here if you haven’t seen yet.

To be truly successful, you should always analyze your work and keep on improving. And for Facebook marketing you must use those analytics tools to be one step ahead of others.

We’d love to know how do you get best out of Facebook in Digital Marketing. Feel free to comment below.

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