Facebook Marketing Training In Nepal

Create brand awareness and attract more clients though a well-managed Facebook page.

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This Certified Facebook Marketing Training (CFMT) course is designed to help you master the essential skills to manage your business Facebook page, create monthly marketing strategies, design engaging graphics, run highly converting ads and automate engagement.

Facebook marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in Nepal and worldwide, and this Facebook marketing training will raise your value in the marketplace.

Key Features of Facebook Marketing Training Program

  • Optimise your Facebook Pages for SEO
  • Prepare monthly strategies for your FB Page
  • Create engaging graphics for your FB posts
  • Use social media management tool
  • Drive engagement though FB chat bots
  • Run Ads on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Training Course Description

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to creating and actively managing a Facebook page as a way to communicate and attract consumers. Facebook allow users to create personal profiles or business pages for organizations, companies or groups attempting to develop a custom audience for a product, brand, or service.

Who employs Facebook Marketing? 

It’s crucial for any business to have a “business web page” that represents a brand. With over 2.3 billion monthly Facebook users, it’s easy to reach out any business to a broad audience, and you can bet to have some portion of your customers already on Facebook. Almost every type of business you can think of can leverage Facebook marketing. In Nepal, Facebook marketing is commonly used by:

Brands: Restaurants, electronics, food, home goods–almost all sorts of brands

Local business: Educational consultancies, travel agencies, advertising agencies, interior designing companies, handicraft business, and other local business.

Personalities: Celebrities, politicians, musicians, authors, actors or anybody who makes money through being known.

Non-profit organization: NGOs, INGOs, Charities, public service campaigns, political groups.

Why Elance Digital Media for Facebook Marketing Training?

Carrying a vision to be the best digital marketing training institute in Nepal, Elance Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. has been conducting the best in-class training programs ever since it was established. Out of over 500 students whom we have trained, 95% always have good things to say about us.

A huge percentage of them either have established their own organization, or been appointed by reputed agencies on reputed positions in digital marketing field. Lot of our students also have started to make money online. With all these stats, we are confident to deliver content of value.

Career Opportunities After the Training

If you’re looking forward to set up a digital marketing business or willing to work in digital marketing field in a reputed company, this Facebook marketing training is going to be a game changer. We make you ready for all the challenges that you’re going to face by providing you with necessary skills and tools.

We also provide placement opportunities for our students. Moreover, we also give opportunities to our students to work with us after the training.

Facebook Marketing Training Course Preview

Chapter 1
Facebook Marketing Basics
1 Day

Welcome program and general walk-through of Facebook marketing training.

Chapter 2
Create Facebook Page and Optimize it for SEO

✓ Create Facebook Page
✓ Add profile picture and cover image
✓ Optimize your Facebook page for SEO

Chapter 3
Create Monthly Strategies for Facebook Page
1 Day

✓ Create monthly calendar
✓ Craft engaging and SEO optimized Facebook post captions
✓ Know how many posts you should make on Facebook for highest results.
✓ Free template will be provided

Chapter 4
Identify Post Types That Suits Your Business
1 Day

✓ Learn about various post types
✓ Identify which post type suits your business best

Chapter 5
Learn to Create Engaging Graphics/Videos For your Facebook Page
2 Days

✓ Know about standard image sizes for all post types
✓ Access to Graphic Designing Tools
✓ Access to video animation tools
✓ Help you create graphic designs and animated videos that reflects your brand

Chapter 6
Automate Your Monthly Strategy for Highest Conversions
2 Days

✓ Access to tools like Agora Pulse, Hootsuite and Buffer
✓ Learn to schedule your post for the entire month

Chapter 7
Monitor Growth and Modify Strategy for Highest Conversions
1 Day

✓ Study Facebook insights and monitor growth
✓ Generate attractive reports for your clients

Chaptere 8
Convert Your Audience Into Subscribers and Set Auto-Responders
1 Day

✓ Learn about Facebook Messenger chat bots.
✓ Set up ManyChat for your Facebook page.
✓ Learn to Grow your Facebook Messenger Subscribers.
✓ Send bulk messages on FB messenger to whoever who has subscribed to your Messenger bot.

Chapter 9
Run Optimized Ads on Facebook
2 Days

✓ Know about various types of ads that you can run on Facebook
✓ Learn to run optimized ads on Facebook in the right way
✓ Run Facebook ads for live projects

Chapter 10
Find High-paying clients
1 Day

Exam & Certification

After the successful completion of the course, students will be offered certification from Elance Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. confirming that he/she can run and manage a Facebook page professionally. The certification also confirms that he/she can run optimized ads on Facebook, craft engaging post captions, design graphics that are appealing and optimized both at the same time.

Facebook Marketing Training

Course Advisor

Meet our professional and certified team:


Anish Sah

SEO Expert
Bijay Ghimire

Bijay Ghimire

Link Building Expert
rajan shilpakar

Rajan Shilpakar

Monitization Expert