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Wondering how ‘Graphics Designing’ helps in SEO?Well hello there!

I am here to explain its role to help us reach the topmost rank on Google in least time. Ok! Let’s start by understanding the term ‘Graphics Designing’.

According to Google, “Graphics Designing is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” Furthermore, it can be understood as the combination of images, patterns, layouts and other such materials intended to be printed or to be used over the visual media. It has reached the new height and can be addressed in various names such as advertising design, typographic design, packaging design, multimedia design, web design and many more.

This will only give you a slight understanding of what designing actually is. What if I explain it through images? Lot easier, right? Here is an example of what I’m trying to say.

Look at the image below and try to understand the message that it is conveying.

graphic designing

‘SEO helps ranking your website top on Google in least time.’ is all I am trying to say through this image. Having said and having illustrated the same thing makes vast difference of impacts on the viewers. Look how easy it became when I illustrated the same thing through graphics design than when I just explained it.

Hope you have had a slight concept of graphic designing.

Now let’s move on to the role that designing plays.

People choose to convey information through visual means. Given that ‘A picture speaks thousands of words’, attractive images and illustrations has become a trend. Here, I have mentioned top five importance of graphic in SEO.

#1 Power of first Impression

Who wouldn’t want their first impression to be good. No one to be sure. A well-illustrated graphic design helps you provide credibility. Anyone who visits your website must get a satisfying visual impression. The potential visitor judges your products and services in just few moments based on what he/she sees on your website alone. So, don’t underestimate the power of first impression because it matters a lot.


#2 Builds Brand Identity

Every product and services are of their own kind. Uniqueness and the presence of branding consistency is a must. In order to make your site effective it should contain recognizable style.

Through attractive designs, visitors are immediately attracted and later they know that the site is yours just by seeing those designs. It will lead the visitors from a specific part of your content to the other. In this world full of competitors, building your own unique identity helps you stand out from others.

#3 Convey Information

Without having the necessity to read something, the attractive editing of images and designs helps the visitors to quickly guess what your blog might be about.

Probability is high that people visit your blog just by being lured through the designs. More than words can ever explain, visual impression makes it lot easier to share a message or some information.

Let’s take an example.

A Dutch person is searching for some kinds of goods or services that you deliver recently. But the problem is that he doesn’t understand the English language.

What then? Loss of one genuine buyer?

That would never happen if you create something that doesn’t need any explanation. This way he can visit your blog and translate the information for further details. Swoosh! Almost lost that genuine buyer. LOL!

#4 Narrate a Story

An article with a story is considered to be an article which is fun to read. People find it interesting when they can relate someone’s words to their life.

However not every story can be fully described in words and in which the use of graphic design comes along. Simple pictures can play very much of importance in the narration of a story. Just like the cover picture of this article which displays the terms that this article contains.

The design made it simpler to narrate my words to you, viewers. If a simple picture can narrate so much and attract much audiences then it can definitely impact in the productivity of a SEO.

#5 Creativity

A graphic design is a medium of art. A good graphic designer can display messages to the viewers through his/her design as that of a painter. As a painter paints his/her imagination, a graphic designer too draws his/her imagination but in a different way.

A graphic design is a digital art. And like all arts, it requires creativity. And when something is creative and unique, it can stand out easily from others. It helps to be different and more likely to get visitors or traffics to your blog which is very essential in SEO.

It is not necessary that the importance that I have listed are only correct. It is not limited to just five importance. There can be more of them and you can explore it by yourself.

Be creative and be a designer.

I bet your creativity on the blog will certainly help you flourish your website. And if you feel that ‘This point is missing in the article’, let me know. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank You!

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