Leadership and Management Training

Learn state-of-the-art Leadership and Management techniques

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Leadership has always been considered as a critical element for organizational transformation, growth and success. This is equally true for all organizations regardless of their nature, size and areas of operation.

The Course aims at enhancing core competencies to develop leadership competencies and managerial skills required to perform effectively in work organization and make a difference.

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training Course Description

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This Session covers:

1. Definition: What is Leadership Training? 11. Emotional Management
2. How do you get the best from yourself and others. 12. Self-fulfilling prophecy
3. Develop your leadership management style. 13. How to create and sustain a positive mental attitude.
4. How to set goals, using the eight-part SMART goal-setting formula. 14. How to inspire others to feel stronger and more optimistic.
5. Asking the right questions. 15. How to transform negative conversations into something more valuable.
6. Leadership styles: Decide how you want to be perceived. 16. How to handle physical and mental stress
7. The proper use of humor. 17. The five-part success formula
8. How to communicate with greater clarity. 18. How to transform failure into feedback
9. Affirmative or negative language. 19. How to use your language to make others more confident, optimistic and effective.
10. Positive Vs Negative suggestions. 20. Inspire others by the art of conversation control
21.Find summary and close.