How to Manage Facebook Page Effectively

Everyone today uses Facebook! As per Alexa, Facebook is the 5th most visited website in Nepal,

Manage Facebook business page

and the same report says the average stay time per day per user is 9 minutes and 11 seconds.

Here’s a snapshot of app usage on my iPhone in last 7 days:

6h 15 minutes on Facebook Messenger app and 3h 17m on Facebook App in just 7 days!!

That’s huge!!

And that’s just me… Multiply the hours by 8.7M Facebook users in Nepal and see what number you get.

You see the opportunity here? Opportunity to reach a huge audience?

Now just imagine the type of brand awareness you could create by properly managing a Facebook business page.

And when I say “properly managing” your Facebook business page, I don’t mean sticking some random and dull posts on the face of your audience. What I actually mean is identifying the right type of post to attract the right type of audience and strategically posting it on your Facebook business page at the right time of the day.

In this article I am going to tell you exactly how to manage your Facebook business page effectively. I can assure you that the tips I have shared in this article are exclusive and you haven’t heard them before. So stay tuned!

Tip #1. Optimize Your Facebook Page in 4 steps

In this guide, I assume you already have a Facebook page set up for your business. If you haven’t yet, refer this video to create a highly effective Facebook Page.

Okay, so once you have a Facebook business page, here’s a simple step-by-step process to make your Facebook Page optimized for conversions.

Step 1: Set Your Facebook Page Profile Picture

Manage Facebook business page

This is the first impression your audience will have when they see your

Facebook post on their news feed.

Just see the size of the profile picture that will be visible to your audience.

It’s small, very small!

It’s so small that if you use a picture that contains text (like the name of your company, tag line, etc.) as a profile picture, it won’t be visible at all.

The best thing to do is to use your company icon (logo without company name) as the profile picture.

This will help you use the space optimally, and people can remember your future posts by the icon.

Step 2: Set Your Facebook Page Cover Image/Video

This is the first impression your audience will have once they visit your Facebook page.

Manage Facebook business page

This is the place where you can showcase the best product/service your business is providing currently. You can either choose to upload a cover image or cover video.

Standard size of a cover image or a cover video is 851 pixels * 315 pixels for desktop, 640 pixels * 360 pixels for mobile. If you upload an image of size different that mentioned above, Facebook will stretch the uploaded image, making the overall image look blurry.

In our case, Advanced SEO Training and Facebook Marketing Training are the two best services we are providing in today’s date. So, we have created a short cover video using aftereffects.

If you don’t know how to use aftereffects, stay calm! In the further sessions of this guide, I’ll explain exactly how you can create attractive animated videos without using any sophisticated software like aftereffects.

I’ll also share my sneaky tips to create outstanding graphic using Microsoft PowerPoint!

Step 3: Update Your Page Info

There’s a term called “Facebook Page SEO”, which typically means to optimize your Facebook page such that Google identifies your business/brand and categorizes it as per the keywords/information you put into the page info section.

Here’s a benefit of updating the page info section:

Manage Facebook business page

To update your page info, navigate: Page Setting > Page Info or click here.

Then go on updating the default information.

Manage Facebook business page

Make sure you don’t skip adding address on the info section if your business is locally available.

This will help Facebook and Google give recommendations based on users’ search queries.

Step 4: Set an Auto-Responder

Setting up an auto-responder when you are not available to chat is a good way to engage with your audience. Setting up immediate replies will also help decrease your Facebook page response time.

Navigate: Page Setting > Messaging or click here.

Jump to “Response Assistant” and set a default reply.

Here is an example of an effective autoresponder:

Hi Anish , thanks for getting in touch! Kindly drop your phone number and one of us will get back to you with the right information you need!

I usually don’t set an autoresponder as my team themselves respond very quickly.

2. Create Facebook Marketing Monthly Strategy

This is the heart of every Facebook Page management campaign.

For a Facebook business page to generate leads and meet your monthly sales goals, it’s important that you prepare a monthly strategy.

Here are a few benefits of preparing a monthly strategy:

  • You’ll know exactly what to post every day
  • You’ll never miss national/international days’ updates like Saraswati Puja, Valentine’s day, etc.
  • You can schedule posts in advance and avoid delay in posting in case of your unavailability.
  • You can save tons of time by not needing to think what to post every day.
  • You can have the graphics/videos and captions ready in advance of the posting date.
  • This helps you organise/manage more than one business page simultaneously.

So, how does a social media strategy look like?

Manage Facebook business page

<<< Download the Facebook Marketing Monthly Strategy Sheet. >>>

This is the snapshot of a template social media strategy that you can replicate.

You see the pattern? In case you missed:

  • Every Sunday & Thursday is the “Service Promotion” day
  • Every Monday is the “Tips/Hacks” Day
  • Every Tuesday is the “Other’s Content” Day
  • Every Alternate Wednesday is the “Facebook Live” Day
  • Every Alternate Wednesday is the “Podcast” Day
  • Every Friday is the “Quotes” Day
  • Every Saturday is the “Quest” Day

Please note that the order in which different types of posts are scheduled shouldn’t necessarily be in the same order in your case.

Every business is different in their own way, and it’s you who need to determine the perfect day for each post.


  • Give a unique colour code to each type of post so that it becomes easy for you to navigate.
  • Not all of your posts should be promotional.
  • Non-promotional posts can include, tips/hacks posts, Facebook Live sessions, Motivational quotes, Quiz Contest, sharing other’s content (blog posts, YouTube videos, etc), Podcasts, etc.

3. Design Graphics & Write Captions

Once you’ve decided what to post when, now it’s the time for you to start designing attractive graphics and writing engaging caption for each post.

This can take time, but practice makes you perfect!

Are you expecting me to teach you Photoshop or InDesign, or any other sophisticated software?

Not today friends!! 😛

Instead, I’m going to show you how I made graphic designs like these without such software.

Manage Facebook business pageManage Facebook business page

Manage Facebook business page Manage Facebook business page

Can you guess how I made these graphic designs?

I made these on Microsoft PowerPoint 😀

Here’s a quick video tutorial you can refer.

I also use Canva to design cool graphics for any Facebook Page. Refer this video tutorial for designing graphics using Canva.

For animated videos, I recommend the use of Animaker. Animaker is an easy-to-use online tool using which you can create amazing animated videos within hours even if you are using it for the first time. Refer to this video tutorial to make engaging animated videos using Animaker.

If you’re a mobile addict, I have another mobile application that you can use for graphic designing purposes. It’s called Spark Post. I personally don’t like the desktop version, but their mobile app works perfectly fine. You can refer to this video tutorial for designing graphics using Spark Post.

Now, go back to your Monthly strategy sheet and start creating graphics for each day. Create a folder on your computer and name the graphic design as per the date when are you going to post it.

Here’s how I manage all my graphics so that I will not forget the order in which I want to post them to Facebook page.

Manage Facebook business page

The next important thing is the post caption. But why?

As per the Facebook terms, you aren’t allowed to run ads on Facebook with a graphic full of text. As per the text overlay rule, your ad reach will only be maximum if your image has 20% or less text. So you can have a hard time delivering complete information to your audience without use of caption. The best way to deliver complete information to your audience is by using an eye-catching caption with a call to action.

Here’s an example of an effective caption:

Now go on creating caption for each post and note it down on a Google sheet like this one:

Manage Facebook business page

<<< Download the Facebook Marketing Monthly Strategy Sheet. >>>

4. Schedule Posts On Facebook Page

Yes, you can schedule any number of posts on Facebook in advance.

Till now you already have graphics and captions ready for each post, and you also know when to post.

What you just need to do is go to your Facebook page and start scheduling each post to publish on your desired date and time.

Manage Facebook business page Manage Facebook business page









<<< Download the Facebook Marketing Monthly Strategy Sheet. >>>


So there it is! A complete guide to manage a Facebook Business Page effectively. First you need to optimise your Facebook page by following 4 steps, then you need to create a monthly marketing strategy on a Google sheet, then design graphics and write captions for each post, then finally schedule each post. Doing this is not only going to save you a lot of time, but will also help people identify your Facebook page as a brand.

A short note: We also provide Facebook Management services that you can rely upon. A few thousand rupees spent on our Facebook Management services will give you hundreds of relevant leads. For any such requests, call us at 9818097976.

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