Personality Development Training

Self-Development Training is the key to a better future

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Personality Development Training course is especially design to enhance your personality by means of helping you understand yourself better, and forge a perception of your own self, and also of other people who surround you.

This Personality development course is aimed at helping you elevate your personality, and at the same time lick into shape your inner and outer self to bring about an optimistic outlook in your life. 

Personality Development Training

Personality Development Training Course Description

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This Session covers:

1. Definition: What is Personality Development? 25.  Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
2. Self-Development Training is the key to a better future. 26. Operate according to your plan, not your mood.
3. How can you get the best performance from yourself and others? 27. How to overcome procrastination.
4. Setting and achieving goals. 28. Prioritization: How to prioritize properly
5. Our goals must add value to others. 29. Distinguish between ‘Busy-work’ and ‘Productive-work’.
6. The difference between a wish and a goal. 30. How to deal with time-wasters
7. Goal setting by means of 8 Part Smart. 31. How to handle interruptions and low value distractions
8. Impression Management. 32. Proper Delegation
9. The correct and incorrect use of humor. 33. How can you improve email management.
10. Developing your Personal Communication Skills. 34. How to create a ‘track to run on’
11. How to express your exact meaning. 35. The 80/20 principle and its application to personal effectiveness
12. Affirmative Vs Negative Language 36. Gain the maximum value, in the minimum time.
13. Distinguish the Citric from the Cynic 37. How to put these ideas into practice.
14. Negative Vs Positive suggestions 38. Personal effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence.
15. Action Planning 39. Your emotions are caused by your thoughts.
16. Develop your ability to handle conflict and difficult people. 40. Emotional intelligence is based upon your ability to manage your thoughts.
17. How to manage negative emotions. 41. Create and sustain a Positive Mental Attitude.
18. How to use objective language in a conflict situation. 42. Conversation Control.
19. Prepare your words in Advance. 43. Practice Exercises.
20. Distinguish Between Reasons and Excuses 44. The Five Part Success Formula
21. When to compromise and when not to. 45.How to Transform Failure into Feedback
22. Five real life situations on which you can practice your new skills 46. How to “Stack the Odds” in your Favor.
23. Excellent body language and voice tones 47. Personal Development Plan
24. Always finish on a positive note