Search Engine Marketing Training

Let your business speak directly to your target audience via search engine

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Learn how to optimize your content and earn user’s trust and to read user’s mind for better conversions. How to optimize your website’s SEO by knowing the difference between Target PPC and Search? Learn how to measure your leads and your site’s success with web analytics.

Define your KPI’s, Targets, Dimensions and segments. Learn Analytics Framework and how to measure your content.

SEO Basics

Search Engine Marketing Training Course Description

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What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results page (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. SEM may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.

Search Engine Marketing Training Course Preview

Phase 1

1. Definition of SEM
2. The SEM Terminology
✓ White Hat Vs Black Hat

Phase 2
Search Engines and Marketing

1. About Search Engines
2. Search Engines Market Share
3. Search Engine Advertising
✓ Google Ad words
✓ Bing Ads

Phase 3
Google Ad Words

1. Google Search, Google Partners and Google Display Network
✓ Google Search Advertising
✓ Google Partners
✓ Google Display Network
✓ Campaign Subtypes
2. Specialized Campaign Types

Phase 4
Google Ad Words Account

1. Google Ad Words Account Settings
✓ Account Access
✓ Linked Accounts
✓ Notification Settings
✓ Preferences
2. Billing Settings
3. Other Options
✓ Shared Library
✓ Bulk Operation
✓ Reports
4. Account Limitations

Phase 5
Google Ad Words Account Structure

✓ Account
✓ Campaign
✓Ad Group

Phase 6

1. How Keywords Work?
2. Keyword matching Types
✓ Broad Match
✓ Broad Match Modifier
✓ Phrase Match
✓ Exact Match
✓ Negative Match
3. Keyword Research
4. Negative Research
5. Keywords Recommendations

Phase 7
Bidding and Budget

2. How Bidding Works?
3. Clicks
4. Impressions
5. Conversions
6. Setting up a Bid
✓ Add bid when you create a campaign
✓ Ad Group bid
✓ Keyword bid
✓ Bidding Strategy
7. Budget
8. Setting up a Budget
✓ Daily Budget
✓ Shared Budget

Phase 8
Quality Score

1. What is quality score?
2. Why is quality score important?
3. Factors influencing quality score
✓ Keywords
✓ Landing Page
✓ Loading Time
✓ Click through Rate
✓ Geographic performance
✓ Historic data
4. How to improve quality score?

Phase 9
Creating Campaigns and Ads

1. Creating a Campaign
✓ Campaign Types
✓ Create a Campaign
2. Creating an Ad Group
3. Creating an Ad
✓ Adding Keywords

Phase 10
Optimization of the Campaign

1. Other Ad Words Tools
✓ Ad Editor
✓ Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool
2. Campaign Structure

Phase 11
Campaign Tracking

1. Conversions
✓ How to set up Conversion Tracking in your Ad Words account?
2. Linking Google Analytics to Google Ad Words Account
✓ How to integrate Google Analytics?
✓ How to create a goal with Google Analytics?
3. A/B Testing

Phase 12
Advertising with Bing/Yahoo! Network

1. How to create an account?
2. Main Features
3. How to create an Ad?
✓ Search Campaign
✓ Content Campaign
✓ Product Ads
✓ Create an Ad
✓Choose Keywords
✓Bids, Targeting and Advanced Settings
4. Campaign Tracking

Phase 13
SEM and Other Types of Marketing

✓ Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing
✓ Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing

Phase 14
Setting up SEM Strategy

1. Establish a Plan
2. Highlight the goals
✓ Realistic goals
✓ Measurable goals
3. Determine the available and necessary resources
4. Analyze the market and competitors
5. Choose the Media
6. Choose the Tools
✓ Implementation Phase
✓ Monitoring Phase

Course Advisor

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