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We provide a complete range of social media marketing services—high-quality content, daily activity, and user interaction— to enhance your social media presence and increase your following.


About Our Social Media Marketing Services

The dedicated digital marketing team at Elance Digital Media devises a high-performing social media marketing strategy suitable to your needs. Our SEO agency has managed the top social media platforms for its clients and has run successful social media campaigns, making us a leading service provider in social media marketing in Nepal.

Our Social Media Marketing Service


Social Consultancy

What are your end goals with social media marketing? Based on those goals, we’ll either develop a social media marketing strategy for you or work together with your in-house marketing team to do so. If your business is just getting started on social media, our SEO agency can also help you build a brand new social media presence.

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Brand Management

Developing a brand image starts with finding appropriate usernames and creating suitable social media profiles. Our social media marketing team stays on top of the impression your social media accounts give your customers.

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The Right Voice

Based on what a brand’s persona is, the tone it uses for its social media messages is different. We consider your brand image, communication style and target audience demographic to support your persona on social media platforms.

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Social Media Monitoring

Our SEO agency scours each and every corner of social media to discover conversations about your brand. That’ll allow you to not only get an understanding of consumer perception of your brand but also regulate those conversations to create a favorable brand image.


Social PPC

Pay-per-click ads on social media networks are crucial to increasing brand visibility and traffic on your website and introducing new products. To that end, we promote your Twitter accounts, develop paid ad campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn or create sponsored content for YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.


Active Discussion

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Step 1
Assigning An EXPERT!

Our clients’ marketing needs are overseen by a dedicated social media manager who develops a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy and executes it perfectly. They will learn the nuances of your brand’s personality and will communicate with you regularly via email or phone to discuss your social media marketing activites.

Step 2
Formulate Social Media Strategy

We understand your social media marketing needs and research audience behaviour to develop a suitable social media marketing strategy. We research your competitor’s strategies and develop effective content plans and marketing campaigns.

Step 3
Develop Content Calendars

Once the social media marketing strategy has been approved we will start implementing it. We develop appropriate and appealing social media posts and advertisements to deliver a consistent message to your followers. Based on your needs, our social media managers develop weekly or monthly content calendars and approach you for approval before we make the posts.

Step 4
Monitoring and growth

Our social media marketing managers manage your social media accounts 24/7 and optimize growth opportunities. We oversee everything that goes on on your social media platforms and maintain constant user interaction. Apart from paid tactics we also use features like hashtags and contests to increase your following.

Step 5
Reporting and Revision

The team of social media managers at our SEO agency prepare regular reports tracking key indicators like audience growth and user engagement and monitor the performance of your social media campaigns. We can also arrange regular meetings to inform you of the progress.

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