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website audit service

To create a high performing website you have to lay down a strong foundation with website audit and constantly improve your site by solving on page issues. Contact Elance Digital Media today for superior on-page optimization services.


About Our On-site SEO Audit Service

As the first step in our comprehensive website audit package, we monitor your website’s health and identify issues that are affecting your site’s visibility. Based on our assessment, we offer solutions to correct the problems that are affecting your website’s SEO friendliness. Our website developers also manually search for issues off-site that are stopping you from ranking on Google and offer recommendations for better website performance.


Why Do You Need an Onsite SEO Audit?

website audit service

To assess and improve your website performance, you absolutely have to start with technical onsite SEO audit. Website audit is the process analysing technical elements of your site and identifying problems that are affecting search engine’s ability to crawl, index and rank a website. Our website audit packages are aimed at finding and implementing best SEO practices that suit your website. 

Our website auditors perform thorough audits and examine each and every corner of your website. We keep abreast of developments in SEO best practices in terms of: 

  • Errors– server errors such as 404 pages (page not found errors)
  • External Links – who are you linking out to
  • Broken Links – both internal and external
  • Anchor Text – ensure proper anchor text is being used for images and web links
  • Images– check for image sizing issues and alt text
  • Headings – review titles (h1, h2 etc.) for proper optimization and keyword usage
  • File Size – check code and files for best practices for faster load time
  • Meta Description – check for missing, duplicate or length issues
  • Title Tags – check for missing duplicate or length issues
  • URL Structure – length issues, dynamic URL, underscores
  • Bots– full analysis to ensure bots can properly crawl your website
  • Robot file – make sure proper pages are being indexed and not indexed
  • Sitemaps– ensure sitemaps are properly formatted for search engines and site users
  • Aesthetic– feedback on design/structural improvements to increase conversions or traffic
  • Mobile– ensure your mobile website is working
  • Analytics/Webmaster Tools – make sure both are implemented

The result? You get a multifaceted and fluid audit which is performed with the most effective and meaningful best practices in mind.

Service Deliverables

Once our expert website auditors finish auditing your website, they will provide you a detailed report covering the problems identified and the possible corrective measures to be undertaken.

Timeframe for delivery is based on the website audit package selected and can range from 3 to 7 business days. The prices for our site audit services are project-based. Quote for the website audit services is $10 (NRP Rs. 1,000/- eSewa payment method for clients from Nepal)